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Thorough Car Servicing in Dorking, Surrey

Thorough Car Servicing in Dorking, Surrey

Thorough Car Servicing in Dorking, Surrey

Failed Your MOT? Receive a Free MOT Test if You Choose Our Mechanic for the Repairs ‘We aim to surpass your expectations’.
To achieve this, we carry out a thorough check of your car by assessing several aspects of it. Our prices are competitive to ensure that you receive a quality service at a great price. Located in Dorking, Surrey, our expert mechanic offers an incomparable car service for your Mercedes–Benz.

Vehicular Inspections

Receive a full health check with any service you have done at Quinn & Son Automotive. Our expert mechanic will review every aspect of the car and give you a full report.

Affordable Prices

We provide a great service at affordable prices. Put your vehicle through our minor service for just £60 (excluding parts) and a full service for £120 (excluding parts).

Full Service

Our proficient team conduct a detailed assessment of your vehicle in this solution. In this service, we assess and change the following:

  • Oil & Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Dust Filter
  • Fuel Filter (if applicable) 
  • Spark Plugs (if applicable)
  • Brake Fluid (For an additional price of £45)

This service also includes a thorough inspection of the car.

Premium Packages

For an additional £35, you can add a premium package to your service. Our premium packages include:

  • An engine flush - this is added to your engine before it is drained to clean the engine and oil channels from the inside.
  • A petrol or diesel injection system cleaner – this removes all resin and coating deposits on your car’s injection valves, and fuel injectors. As well as ensuring that your car’s fuel injection system is running to its full capacity. 
  • Extra strong screen wash - we know how frustrating it can be to have objects blocking your view out of your windscreen.

Competitive Prices

We’re confident that you can depend on us for a competent service at the very competitive price of £60 per hour. This applies to all areas of our business, including our repairs, diagnostics, tuning, and restoration solutions.

Contact our mechanic, in Dorking, Surrey, to receive a complete car servicing solution.